Discover the HEATWAVES Training Module I: exploring Climate Change and Heatwaves

The HEATWAVES project is excited to announce the launch of its ground-breaking training module, “HEATWAVES and Climate Change,” designed to empower educators and learners with essential knowledge and tools to address the pressing issues of climate change and heatwaves.

Unravelling the complexity of climate change

At the heart of the HEATWAVES training course lies Module I, which delves deep into the fundamental question: “Why did the weather become warmer than before?” Through engaging content and interactive activities, participants will embark on a journey to understand the basic scientific concepts behind climate change and heatwaves.

Empowering educators and learners

This module equips educators with the resources they need to facilitate meaningful discussions and activities in the classroom, fostering critical thinking and scientific literacy among students. By exploring real data and scientific concepts, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors contributing to climate change and its implications for our planet.

Key objectives of Module I

  • Explain the basic scientific concepts behind climate change and heatwaves
  • Understand and explain heatwaves based on real data and scientific concepts
  • Recognize how human activities contribute to changes in climate

Engaging learning experiences

Module I offers a diverse range of learning experiences, including videos, reflective activities, group discussions, infographics, and self-assessment modules. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with interactive content that brings complex scientific concepts to life, making learning both informative and enjoyable.

Building climate literacy for a sustainable future

As climate change continues to pose significant challenges to our planet, it is essential to equip educators and learners with the knowledge and skills to address these issues effectively. By completing Module I of the HEATWAVES training course, participants will be empowered to advocate for climate action, promote sustainability, and create positive change in their communities.

About the HEATWAVES Project:

HEATWAVES is a project co-financed by the Erasmus Programme of the European Commission, brought together five partners from four European countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Romania) with the goal of revolutionising climate education. The project aims to build a new climate education framework for online learning environments, create digital resources for students and teachers on heatwave awareness, develop immersive learning experiences through simulations and educational games, and disseminate key findings through scientific articles.

For more information, contact us or visit the HEATWAVES channels.