The main objectives of the project is to contribute to climate change education; to strengthen teacher education and to foster creation and dissemination of knowledge through online education to create better practices for the adaptation of climate change at European and global level.

The specific results of the project includes the following work packages.

Work Package n°1

Project Management

In this work package, our project sets the stage for excellence. Quality assurance is at the forefront of our project management strategy, ensuring every aspect is meticulously planned and executed. We begin by defining the project’s objectives and aims, setting the stage for systematic quality assurance throughout the project’s lifecycle. Monitoring activities are scheduled at regular intervals to assess internal communication, problem-solving skills, project coordination, and partnership quality. We conduct thorough evaluations every six months to ensure the project maintains the highest quality standards.

Work Package n°2

Learning Framework and Data Collection

This work package forms the educational backbone of our project. It encompasses two essential activities:

Analysis of Current Climate Change Education Frameworks:
We delve into the existing climate change education methods and standards, identifying best practices and quality criteria. This research lays the foundation for our educational approach.

Technical Research on Heatwaves and Urban Design:
We investigate the characteristics of urban environments susceptible to heatwaves and explore urban design solutions. These findings inform our project’s educational content, ensuring it’s well-rounded and impactful.

Work Package n°3

Educational Programme for Students

In this work package, we focus on students’ empowerment through education:

Implementing the Learning Analysis Framework:
We integrate the insights from WP2 into our students’ educational program, ensuring it aligns with the latest educational pedagogies and seamlessly integrates into our e-learning platform.

Designing an Interactive Online Platform:
We develop an online platform hosting interactive materials on heatwaves for students. This platform also includes a training course for secondary school teachers and managers.

Creating an Educational Game:
We design an educational game that simulates human-made decisions on urban design and their impact on temperature and heatwaves. These engaging tools make climate education interactive and fun, empowering students to learn actively.

Work Package n°4

Educational Programme for Teachers

This work package aims to equip secondary school teachers with the knowledge and tools to effectively teach climate change:

Enhancing Teachers’ Climate Knowledge:
We provide teachers with comprehensive training on climate change, heatwaves, and urban environments.

Integrating Climate Change into Lesson Plans:
We guide teachers in integrating climate change topics into their lesson plans.

Promoting Effective Teaching Tools:
Teachers learn to use our educational materials and the e-learning platform created in WP3.

Implementing the Climate Change Framework:
We help teachers put the climate change framework developed in WP2 into practice.

Work Package n°5

Handbook & Dissemination and Exploitation Activities

In this final work package, we wrap up the project and ensure its impact reaches far and wide:

Facilitating Product Usage:
We create a comprehensive handbook to help users make the most of our project’s outcomes, including student and teacher courses, digital learning resources, educational games, and the e-learning platform.

Strategizing Dissemination:
We develop a dissemination plan to share our project’s results and activities with the public effectively. This plan outlines strategies, target groups, and communication channels.

Maximizing Impact:
Through dissemination activities, such as the project website, social networks, project leaflets, and multiplier events, we ensure our project’s impact reaches a wide audience and continues long after the project concludes.