Embark on an educational adventure with “Heatwave City”: a game changer in climate education

Immersive experience

Step into the vibrant world of “Heatwave City,” where colourful landscapes and dynamic graphics beckon young learners on an exciting educational journey.

Discover hot zones

Explore the cityscape and uncover hot zones, each representing a facet of urban design influencing heatwave vulnerability. Click on these zones to delve deeper into the causes of heatwaves and explore potential solutions.

Witness real-time effects

Make decisions and witness their immediate impact on the city’s temperature in real-time. From tweaking urban elements to triggering changes, players gain first-hand insights into the intricate relationship between urban design choices and heatwaves.

Critical thinking unleashed

“Heatwave City” challenges players to think critically as they analyse hot zone characteristics, strategize solutions, and navigate the complexities of sustainable urban design

Earn your stars

Motivation abounds as players strive to earn stars by effectively managing hot zone temperatures. Each achievement signifies a step towards mastering the art of sustainable urban planning.

More than just a game, “Heatwave City” is an educational tool designed to engage, enlighten, and empower young minds. By immersing players in an interactive cityscape and rewarding their achievements, the game fosters environmental awareness and cultivates crucial critical thinking skills.

About the HEATWAVES Project:

The HEATWAVES project, co-financed by the Erasmus Programme of the European Commission, is a collaborative endeavour among partners from Belgium, Greece, Italy, and Romania. The project aims to build a new climate education framework for online learning environments, create digital resources for students and teachers on heatwave awareness, develop immersive learning experiences through simulations and educational games, and disseminate key findings through scientific articles.

For more information about the HEATWAVES project and its outcomes, please visit the official channels or contact the consortium.