Explore HEATWAVES Module II: understanding heatwaves in urban environments

Dive into the dynamic world of urban heat islands and their impact on human health with Module II of the HEATWAVES training course. Building on the foundational knowledge gained in Module I, this module offers a comprehensive exploration of the unique challenges posed by heatwaves in urban environments.

Navigating the urban heat island effect

Module II, titled “Heatwaves in Urban Environments,” invites participants to delve into the phenomenon of urban heat islands and their implications for human health. From understanding the science behind urban heat islands to identifying the factors contributing to their formation, participants will gain valuable insights into the complex interplay between climate change and urbanization.

Key topics covered

  • Understanding the urban heat island effect
  • Exploring the impacts of heatwaves on human health
  • Identifying factors contributing to urban heat islands

Interactive learning experiences

Module II offers a range of engaging learning experiences, including videos, interactive infographics, and immersive activities designed to deepen participants’ understanding of heatwaves in urban environments. Through interactive content and real-world examples, participants will develop the skills to interpret heat maps, predict potential issues in their cities, and advocate for effective mitigation strategies.

Empowering educators and learners

By completing Module II of the HEATWAVES training course, educators and learners will gain the knowledge and tools they need to address the unique challenges posed by heatwaves in urban environments. From recognizing the impacts of heatwaves on vulnerable populations to implementing sustainable urban design solutions, participants will be empowered to take meaningful action in their communities.

About the HEATWAVES Project:

HEATWAVES is a project co-financed by the Erasmus Programme of the European Commission, brought together five partners from four European countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Romania) with the goal of revolutionising climate education. The project aims to build a new climate education framework for online learning environments, create digital resources for students and teachers on heatwave awareness, develop immersive learning experiences through simulations and educational games, and disseminate key findings through scientific articles.

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