HEATWAVES Consortium launches innovative Curriculum for lower secondary school students

The HEATWAVES project, an Erasmus+ initiative co-funded by the European Commission, and gathering five countries from different European countries, proudly introduces a ground-breaking curriculum designed specifically for lower secondary school students. This curriculum, a cornerstone of climate literacy education, promises to promote public health and safety, foster environmental stewardship, and empower individuals and communities to respond effectively to the challenges posed by heatwaves and climate change.

The HEATWAVES curriculum draws upon a multifaceted foundation, including insights from recent literature reviews, analysis of misconceptions about climate change and heatwaves among students and teachers, technical research on heatwaves and urban design, and pedagogical approaches tailored to the content of heatwaves.

At its core, the curriculum champions interdisciplinary learning, recognizing heatwaves as a complex phenomenon influenced by various disciplines such as atmospheric science, ecology, public health, urban planning, and social dynamics. By integrating these diverse fields of study, the curriculum encourages students to analyse data, think critically, and explore the interconnectedness of environmental and societal issues.

Structured into six comprehensive topics, the curriculum guides students through an immersive learning journey as shown in the picture:

Each topic within the curriculum is structured to include the following components:

  • Main Objectives
  • Specific Goals outlining what learners will be able to accomplish upon completion
  • Relevant school subjects connected to the topic
  • Other subjects/fields linked to the topic (Health/Environmental/STEM Education)
  • Key concepts of the topic
  • Activities (Experimental Learning, Socio-scientific Reasoning Practices, etc.)
  • Learning format (Online, Blended, Face-to-Face) and Interaction format (Asynchronous, Synchronous)
  • Materials for teachers to inspire and inform
  • Ideas for incorporating the topic into a game-based learning environment

This curriculum is designed to foster interdisciplinary learning, critical thinking, and active engagement with climate-related issues. By equipping students with knowledge, skills, and resources, the HEATWAVES project aims to empower the next generation of leaders to address the complex challenges posed by heatwaves and climate change.

For the entire HEATWAVES Curriculum check out this link https://heatwaves-project.eu/results/Curriculum.pdf

For more information about the HEATWAVES project and its outcomes, please visit the official channels or contact the consortium.