HEATWAVES: Workshops empowering educators and future teachers

The HEATWAVES project continues to ignite passion for climate education, with two recent workshops leaving a lasting impact. Developed as part of the dissemination activities of the Erasmus project HEAT WAVES, these workshops were designed to promote the project’s curriculum and foster engagement with key stakeholders.

Workshop 1: master’s degree programme in didactics and public understanding of science and digital technologies

In June 2023, the first workshop was conducted for students enrolled in the master’s degree programme “Didactics and Public Understanding of Science and Digital Technologies.” Hosted at Marasleios, NKUA in Athens, Greece, the workshop attracted 14 enthusiastic participants. Led by researcher Eirini Chatzara, the workshop provided students with valuable insights into climate change, heatwaves, and innovative teaching strategies.

Workshop 2: pre-service teachers – Geo Lab

In November 2023, the second workshop took place, targeting pre-service teachers at the Geo Lab under the supervision of Lia Galani. Located at Marasleios, NKUA in Athens, Greece, this workshop drew an impressive 385 participants. Through engaging activities and interactive discussions, participants gained a deeper understanding of climate resilience, urban heat islands, and effective pedagogical approaches for teaching about heatwaves.

Both workshops showcased the commitment of the HEAT WAVES project to empower educators and future teachers with the knowledge and tools needed to address the challenges of climate change. Participants left with enhanced awareness, practical insights, and a renewed dedication to integrating climate education into their teaching practice.


HEATWAVES is a project co-financed by the Erasmus Programme of the European Commission, brought together five partners from four European countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Romania) with the goal of revolutionising climate education. The project aims to build a new climate education framework for online learning environments, create digital resources for students and teachers on heatwave awareness, develop immersive learning experiences through simulations and educational games, and disseminate key findings through scientific articles.

For more information, contact us or visit the HEATWAVES channels.