Unveiling HEATWAVES Module IV: media literacy-addressing misconceptions about heatwaves

Dive into the realm of media literacy and debunk misconceptions about heatwaves with Module IV of the HEATWAVES training course. Building upon the knowledge acquired in previous modules, this module equips participants with the critical thinking skills needed to navigate the media landscape and discern fact from fiction when it comes to heatwaves and climate change.

Navigating the media landscape

In Module IV, titled “Media Literacy-Addressing Misconceptions about Heatwaves,” participants will embark on a journey to unravel the truths and myths surrounding heatwaves and climate change as portrayed in the media.

Through engaging activities and thought-provoking discussions, participants will learn to distinguish between factual information and misinformation, empowering them to become savvy consumers of media content.

Key topics covered

  • Common misconceptions about climate change, global warming, and heatwaves
  • Differentiating between fact and opinion in media reporting
  • Identifying reliable sources of information on climate science
  • Cultivating critical thinking skills for media literacy

Interactive learning experiences

Module IV offers a variety of interactive learning experiences designed to enhance participants’ media literacy skills. From analysing media reports to creating climate awareness stickers, participants will engage in hands-on activities that foster critical thinking and promote informed decision-making

Empowering climate advocates

By completing Module IV of the HEAT WAVES training course, participants will emerge as informed advocates for climate action in their communities. Armed with the tools and knowledge gained through this module, participants will be equipped to challenge misconceptions, advocate for evidence-based policies, and promote climate awareness in their spheres of influence

About the HEATWAVES Project:

HEATWAVES is a project co-financed by the Erasmus Programme of the European Commission, brought together five partners from four European countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Romania) with the goal of revolutionizing climate education. The project aims to build a new climate education framework for online learning environments, create digital resources for students and teachers on heatwave awareness, develop immersive learning experiences through simulations and educational games, and disseminate key findings through scientific articles.

For more information, contact us or visit the project’s channels.