Unveiling HEATWAVES Module IV: media literacy-addressing misconceptions about heatwaves

Dive into the realm of media literacy and debunk misconceptions about heatwaves with Module IV of the HEATWAVES training course. Building upon the knowledge acquired in previous modules, this module equips participants with the critical thinking skills needed to navigate the media landscape and discern fact from fiction when it comes to heatwaves and climate […]

Introducing HEATWAVES Module V: personal and community action for sustainability

Embark on a transformative journey towards sustainability with Module V of the HEATWAVES training course. Building upon the knowledge gained in previous modules, Module V delves into the realm of personal and community action, empowering participants to become catalysts for positive change in their communities. Empowering sustainable communities In Module V, titled “Personal and Community […]

HEATWAVES Consortium launches innovative Curriculum for lower secondary school students

The HEATWAVES project, an Erasmus+ initiative co-funded by the European Commission, and gathering five countries from different European countries, proudly introduces a ground-breaking curriculum designed specifically for lower secondary school students. This curriculum, a cornerstone of climate literacy education, promises to promote public health and safety, foster environmental stewardship, and empower individuals and communities to […]

Explore HEATWAVES Module II: understanding heatwaves in urban environments

Dive into the dynamic world of urban heat islands and their impact on human health with Module II of the HEATWAVES training course. Building on the foundational knowledge gained in Module I, this module offers a comprehensive exploration of the unique challenges posed by heatwaves in urban environments. Navigating the urban heat island effect Module […]

Embark on an educational adventure with “Heatwave City”: a game changer in climate education

Immersive experience Step into the vibrant world of “Heatwave City,” where colourful landscapes and dynamic graphics beckon young learners on an exciting educational journey. Discover hot zones Explore the cityscape and uncover hot zones, each representing a facet of urban design influencing heatwave vulnerability. Click on these zones to delve deeper into the causes of […]

Discover the HEATWAVES Training Module I: exploring Climate Change and Heatwaves

The HEATWAVES project is excited to announce the launch of its ground-breaking training module, “HEATWAVES and Climate Change,” designed to empower educators and learners with essential knowledge and tools to address the pressing issues of climate change and heatwaves. Unravelling the complexity of climate change At the heart of the HEATWAVES training course lies Module […]

Discover HEATWAVES Module III: Climate Resilience – Responding to Heatwaves

Embark on a journey toward climate resilience with Module III of the HEATWAVES training course. Building on the foundational knowledge gained in previous modules, this module offers a comprehensive exploration of strategies for responding to the challenges posed by heatwaves in urban environments. Building urban climate resilience Module III, titled “Climate Resilience – Responding to […]

HEATWAVES: Workshops empowering educators and future teachers

The HEATWAVES project continues to ignite passion for climate education, with two recent workshops leaving a lasting impact. Developed as part of the dissemination activities of the Erasmus project HEAT WAVES, these workshops were designed to promote the project’s curriculum and foster engagement with key stakeholders. Workshop 1: master’s degree programme in didactics and public […]

HEAT WAVES releases comprehensive Inventory of climate change education literature and standards

The HEATWAVES project, a pioneering initiative co-funded by the Erasmus Programme of the European Commission, proudly announces the completion of its exhaustive Inventory of literature, national and international standards, reports, and books focusing on teaching climate change. The consortium undertook a meticulous research process to compile a comprehensive repository of resources related to climate change […]

HEATWAVES project: new insights on Heatwaves and Urban Design

The Erasmus+ HEATWAVES project, a collaborative effort co-funded by the European Commission, and aimed at revolutionising climate education, reveals pivotal insights from a technical research endeavour focused on identifying urban characteristics vulnerable to heatwaves and proposing innovative solutions for urban heat mitigation. The HEATWAVES consortium, comprising partners from Belgium, Greece, Italy, and Romania, spearheaded an […]