HEATWAVES: Workshops empowering educators and future teachers

The HEATWAVES project continues to ignite passion for climate education, with two recent workshops leaving a lasting impact. Developed as part of the dissemination activities of the Erasmus project HEAT WAVES, these workshops were designed to promote the project’s curriculum and foster engagement with key stakeholders. Workshop 1: master’s degree programme in didactics and public […]

HEAT WAVES releases comprehensive Inventory of climate change education literature and standards

The HEATWAVES project, a pioneering initiative co-funded by the Erasmus Programme of the European Commission, proudly announces the completion of its exhaustive Inventory of literature, national and international standards, reports, and books focusing on teaching climate change. The consortium undertook a meticulous research process to compile a comprehensive repository of resources related to climate change […]

HEATWAVES project: new insights on Heatwaves and Urban Design

The Erasmus+ HEATWAVES project, a collaborative effort co-funded by the European Commission, and aimed at revolutionising climate education, reveals pivotal insights from a technical research endeavour focused on identifying urban characteristics vulnerable to heatwaves and proposing innovative solutions for urban heat mitigation. The HEATWAVES consortium, comprising partners from Belgium, Greece, Italy, and Romania, spearheaded an […]

HEATWAVES Project concludes comprehensive literature review on climate change education

The HEATWAVES project, a ground-breaking initiative co-financed by the Erasmus Programme of the European Commission, announces the successful conclusion of a comprehensive literature review focused on climate change education at international level. Led by the Belgium partner, IHF, a think tank working on a European scale, the HEATWAVES consortium conducted an in-depth analysis of key […]

HEATWAVES project analyses climate change misconceptions in education frameworks

The Erasmus+ HEATWAVES project, which see five partners from four European countries committed to revolutionising climate education, concluded its analysis uncovering students’ and teachers’ misconceptions about climate change, global warming, and heatwaves. The analysis delves into the definitions of heatwaves highlighting the importance of clarifying concepts to address misconceptions effectively. Key findings reveal common misconceptions […]

University of Athens brings innovative approaches to climate education at international conferences

Representatives of University of Athens, Applicant organisation of the Erasmus project HEATWAVES, participated in two prestigious international conferences aimed at promoting climate education and raising awareness about the impacts of heatwaves. To disseminate the projects’ insights and results, ground-breaking research and innovative frameworks were presented at the following events: EVENT 1 Urban environment and heat […]

Bringing climate education to life: HEATWAVES game testing inspires interactive learning

Within the scope of the Erasmus project HEATWAVES, rearcher and postgraduate student Christoforaki Maria, enrolled in the MSc program “Teaching and Public Understanding of Science and Digital Technologies in Education” at NKUA, spearheaded a ground-breaking initiative. Under the guidance of professors Galani and Mavrikaki, Maria tested the draft HEAT Game with 5th and 6th-grade students, […]